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Swtor create augment slot

From here its just like any other modification slot, with the loto euromillion 25 septembre 2018 exception that it may require upgrading to accommodate higher level augments as you level.
At this point they are just another item in your crafting list, and it takes 10 Augment Slot Components, along with other items based on crew skill type to create 1 Augment Slot Kit.
Im writing this guide as I see a lot of questions flashing around in general chat, and sometimes even in guild chat, about the use and crafting of these items.In the upcoming patch.3, a huge change is coming for creating augment slots on gear.Deaths Claw Armor, elegent Dress, formal Suit, hailstorm Brotherhood.They range from MK-1 to MK-6.A special crafting material, Augmentation Slot Component, is required to create an Augmentation Slot Kit.You must also have sufficient credits to cover the installation fee, which varies based on item level, quality, and equipment type "d from the.3 patch notes).
The system of adding augment slots to gear.
The schematics for augments are, to the best of my knowledge and as of update.3, only obtainable through Slicing(BoE) or the GTN.Augmentation slots can accept augments of up to the level of the slot.Green ) or better quality.Right click on the table and it will open up the item modification window.Hutt Cartel, imperial Containment Officer, imperial Dancer, imperial Pilot.To add an augment slot to an item, from patch.3 onwards, you will use the Item Modification Table, which are most easily found on the fleet stations.Now that you have read the above, let me state that Im far from perfect, so if you spot any errors or updates, please let me know so that I can correct and/or change this guide.The available augments in-game as of update.3 loto mercredi 10 juillet 2018 and the crew skills that can make them are as follows:.Pressing the button will bring up a dialog box, select the one to install from the list of available kits.Im also not an English Major (or Minor for that matter) so please restrict your comments and criticism of grammar and spelling to the people in your immediate vicinity, as they may care, but I dont.At Item Modification Tables only, if there are more items to be modified, click the area with the item name to select the next item.Swtor, and one of those methods is through the use of augment slots and augments.Slot Level Min Level Max.

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